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Well, I am just an ordinary Indian who is trying to help his brothers and sisters ;). Anyway, seriously, my name is C.Chaitanya. Like everyone else I too went abroad and did my Masters in University of Florida. During the course of my masters it suddenly struck me that India could be as good or better than America, only everyone should work for it. So back I came and took up a job as an Assistant Professor in Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. I know, I know, right now you might be thinking, "What a Wackho". Well, wackho or not, this is my dream and my dream right now is to make India the best country in the world. So as a first step I have created this web site. I have always believed that, the strength of a nation is its youth (though I am talking like an old man now, I am actually just 25), so in order to catch them young I have entered the teaching field. Mainly, I want to achieve my dream by making India a scientific country. In order to do that, I want to remove by hearting and help creativity. So for that purpose I have started this web site. All students should start studying text books and stop studying the so called "guides". For this purpose, I am trying to provide as much information about subjects as possible. You will find some previous question papers (answered), Tutorials, Notes etc. For now there are only a few subjects as I am still trying to gather all the data. Mainly there is information about the subjects which I have taught, since I already have access to the data. But other data is hard to get as some professors are asking for money for their notes. Here I would like to thank all the lecturers and professors who have contributed their notes for the success of this site. This is where your donations might help. But remember, there is no compulsion. You can use the content of this site as and when you want non - commercially. Make sure you read the copyright. Well that's a little something about me. Please mail me at and let me know how you feel about this site. I will be grateful.


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