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Assignment - II

  1. What is Hashing? Explain

  2. Write short notes on Indexing

  3. Explain Record Formats with suitable examples

  4. Explain the differences between each of the following

    Primary versus secondary indexes

    Dense versus sparse indexes

  5. Describe various Buffer replacement policies.

  6. Write short notes on Clustered versus Unclustered Indexes

  7. What is Indexing? Explain with an Example. How do you create an Index. What are the uses of Indexes?

  8. Write Short notes on B+ tree

  9. Constuct a B+ Tree for the folowing set of key values (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31) where the no. of pointers that will fit in one node is three.

  10. Write short notes on multiple key access

  11. Explain File Organization techniques.

  12. Describe buffer management techniques

  13. Explain External Sorting.

  14. What is a secondary key.Why secondary keys are necessary?

  15. Explain Various kinds of indexes for file organization.

  16. Distinguish between static and dynamic hash functions.

  17. Explain how insertion and deletion operations are performed on B+trees with examples.

  18. Explain static Hashing.

  19. Explain the differences between the three storage devices - Volatile, non-Volatile and stable.