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1. Explain the constants and Initialization in programming languages.

2. What is coercion? How to implement type coercion in Programming languages?.

3. Explain different types of equivalences with examples.

4. What is type equivalence? Explain the name equivalence and structural equivalence  with examples.

5. What are common structured data types? explain How a record is implemented in i) PASCAL and ALGOL68 with suitable examples.

6. what is type checking? discuss various types of type checking?

7. what is the need for enumerated data type? what are the four basic attriburtes in characterizing a variable?

8. Explain i) Type coercion             ii) Type conversion             iii) Type compatibility

9. What is data type? explain various data types with examples.

10. Draw the hypothitical structure of a compiler and explain.

11. What are i) language design time ii) Implementation time  iii) Compile time    iv) Load time    and v) Runtime

12. Explain how pointer data type and strucrtured data type are implemented in 'C' language.?

13. Write a detailed note on enumerated data types with respect to any two programming languages.

14. Explain different conditional statements in programming languages with examples.

15. Write short notes on i) Iterative statements   ii) Enumerated data types

16. Discuss in brief about Type structure of ADA.

17. Explain the terms l-value, r-value

18. Explain variant Record structure of PASCAL.

19. i) In PASCAL the subrange type introduces some problems. Mention them.

    ii) A Program with too many goto's is not readble. Justify

    iii) Discuss in brief bout type coercion.