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Answers, will be given in a short time. The answers are not going to be complete in detail, as we do not want to copy from the text book. The answers will be succint and to the point. Basically, the aim here is to give students pointers as to how to answer the questions rather than answer the questions for them.


  1. Explain Protoyping and RAD models.

  2. Give a statement of scope for the Safe Home project.

  3. Give the different phases of S/W development life cycle.

  4. What are the various metrics used to measure S/W productivity.

  5. "Measurement is essential if quality is to be achieved", comment on this.

  6. What are the effective S/W metrics attributes.

  7. When are function based metrics used.

  8. Discuss McCalls quality factors. Can they be applied to modern S/W?

  9. Discuss characteristics,components and applications of software. Describe various myths.

  10. Discuss S/W metrics and discuss size oriented and function oriented metrics.

  11. Define SW engineering and discuss its importance

  12. What are SW quality factors. Discuss their importance.

  13. "Whole idea of SW development is prone to pitfalls and no paradigm can change the practical reality"-Discuss merits and demerits.

  14. Give an overview if SW engineering paradigm.

  15. Why is that a single all encompassing metric cannot be developed for program complexityor program quality?

  16. Compare inceremental and spiral models.

  17. Describe some metrics of SW productivity.

  18. Describe with suitable illustration how SW engineering paradigm can be combined uring  single SW development effort.

  19. Give the generic view of SW engineering.

  20. Describe how the characteristics of SW differ from hardware.