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  1. What are the various problems encountered in SW problem estimation. How LOC and FP are used during SW problem estimation?

  2. SW requirement analysis is unquestionalbly the most communication intensive step in SW engineering process. Discuss the truth and implications of this statement.

  3. What is an SS document? What are its contnts?

  4. Write notes on SW re engineering.

  5. Give the format of SRS.

  6. State basic principles to be followed by requirement analysis and explain their implications with suitable examples.

  7. Explain how risk identification is done.

  8. Explain the techniques of requirement analysis.

  9. Discuss decomposition technique for SW project estimation.

  10. Discuss various risk analysis activities.

  11. What are formal specifiction languages? When are they used? What is the advantage of using them?

  12. Give the fomat of SRS with proforma or examples.

  13. What is gol of RA. Give reasons why RA is difficult.

  14. What is ment by risk assesment? What are the different steps? Explain.

  15. Discuss throwaway nd evolutionary prototyping. Which is better in which context?

  16. Why is cost estimation hazardous? Give scenarios where it will fail.