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As we go on, we remember,
All the times we spent together,
Though our lives change, come whatever,
We will still be friends forever,
We were boys and girls when our friendship started,
Now we are men and women and we will be parted,
But our memories will keep us together,
Forever and ever,
When we go onto big job, and make big money
Do you think our joke will still be funny?
We shared every joy and sorrow,
I will remember them when you are not with me tomorrow,
I will remember of the times that have been,
I will remember our visits to the canteen,
I will remember the elections we held,
And watched our friendship build,
I will remember the matches of cricket,
There won't be a better time in our life, I bet,
I will remember the useless food in the mess,
Funnily, that's one of the things I miss,
I will remember our college tour,
It makes me wanna go back to college once more,
I still laugh at the jokes we made,
I hope our memories never fade,
We don't want things to change,
we want everything to be the same,
But change is a part of life,
And this truth cuts us like a knife,
But we still have our memories,
Which will see us through our worries,
So face the future with a smile,
And remember me until you die.