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This page will be the home page for all your project needs. I will be giving you some project ideas (final year as well as mini projects). At the same time code for some of the projects which I have done will be provided. You can use the code as you want it for non-commercial purposes and whenever you use some of my code you have to acknowledge me and this web site and you should share your code with us. This basically means use and contribute. Remember, please  don't try to plagiarize and use the code as your own. The main reason I set up this site is to wipe out copying. So please help me out and help yourself.

Note for industry people: I don't know how many industry people will get to know about this site. But for who ever has visited this site, if at all possible, please give us projects so that we can make the students work on some real world stuff. I can guarantee you that we will do any project given to us. The ultimate aim is to integrate industry and education so that both go hand in hand.

Project List:


Brahma: This is an open source project being designed to provide a free image editor and manipulator along the lines of Adobe Photoshop. A very good release version is already present and I would certainly welcome help to add more modules. Come on Indian students, lets make a mark by providing a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. The project is being developed in VC++ 6.0. So you should have a knowledge of VC++ and some image processing functions. Source code is available.


Parisheel: This is a voice enabled web browser developed in VB. You can talk to your browser and ask it to go to yahoo or whatever site you want it to. Also, you can ask the browser to read out the content. This uses Microsoft speech API 3.0. So we need to adapt it to use Speech API 5.0. Source code is available.


OCEAN: This stands for Open Computation Exchange and Arbitration Network. This is an ongoing research project in University of Florida. This was my thesis project in MS. Now we are in the release stage in this project and we need developers for OCEAN as well as OCEAN applications. More information can be found at .


Robot Building: This venture is to start building a robot which does various tasks. We will be concentrating on the software part and so some pre built hardware components will be used for the electronic components. The ultimate aim is to build a robot which does most of the human related tasks. The aim is not to replace a human but to assist a human.


B-Tech Help Website development: Help is needed in developing and maintaining this web site and maybe some of you students would like to help me out and at the same time do your final project. Plans are on to incorporate Flash technology for a new look and also PHP or cold fusion for database support.

bullete-Guru: Developing a computer based teacher of various computer technologies. Microsoft agent technology and VB 6.0 will be used.
bulletB-Tech content share: Develop a intranet or internet based content sharing mechanism for participating engineering colleges to share their knowledge, lectures classes etc.
bulletNLPD: Natural Language Processing for databases. Develop a front end for SQL which takes an English sentence like "How many sailors are there with rating above 5?" and give the SQL equivalent.
bulletTeVoRec: Develop a voice recognition engine for Telugu. We may use HTK toolkit for voice recognition.
bulletHandheld projects: Develop a variety of applications for handheld devices like Palm OS and Windows CE
bulletn-Guru: Network guru, a complete tutorial and simulation kit for all the network algorithms using Network Simulator and C++.

These are just some of the sample projects which have been developed or will be developed in the near future. If you have a project and would need guidance please contact me at If you need the code for the above projects please contact me at the above email address. Also, I would be very grateful if industry come forward and gives some projects to the students. If any industrialists are interested in giving projects please contact me at the above email id.